Design, test and analyze electronic circuit boards, even in 3D mode or using Gerber files, with KiCAD

KiCad is a powerful but easy to use free program that will let you realize this electronic circuit board you need. Besides common functions, such as drawing the scheme of your circuit KiCad lets you use labels and validate your circuit with specialized testings. Of course you can use KiCad to print your circuit board.

Another great feature of KiCad is the support of macros you can record for tasks you repeat often. and of course the use of shortcut keys. Using Gerber files you can analyze your circuit’s layers, holes, etc.

Taking advantage of a PCB editor you can define your way of working your project; you can also have layers, insert various schemes or even edit in 3D mode. Note that you can print your circuits or save them as CAD, WRL or DSN.

If you are interested in making or analyzing electronic circuit boards, KiCAD is a free and really powerful program that you wouldn’t like to miss.

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