Design and customize your fonts easily, exporting as OTF, with Glyphr Studio

Glyphr Studio is a free program you can use to desing custom fonts. Glyphr Studio is the desktop version of an on line app you may already be familiar with.

If you are related with typography you know how important a font is and you may like to create your own fonts, even customizing typefaces you already like a lot. Glyphr Studio follows the minimal looks of modern Windows apps, it is elegant and pleasant. Its simplicity lets you start working immediately without having a lot to learn.

A nice feature of Glyphr Studio is that it lets you preview your font easily before you export it and use it with a word processor.

Glyphr Studio supports kerning and composite characters. You can import in SVG format and you can export in SVG and OTF formats.

Download Glyphr Studio