Download DarkWave Studio, to make electronic music

DarkWave Studio is a free virtual studio for the creation of high quality electronic music. It allows users to connect various machines included with DarkWave Studio in addition to machines that adhere to Steinberg’s VST effect and VSTi instrument format in a virtual studio environment.

The program has a scheduling algorithm that allows instruments and effects to run in parralel. A pattern editor with a piano roll interface is included to allow the creation of patterns of music for each instrument with ease. A sequencer allows patterns to be arranged into a song, allowing reuse of patterns to rapidly create a song with repeated elements.

DarkWave Studio can also be used live with the MIDI Input machine which allows for playing of virtual instruments with a MIDI or USB music keyboard.

Multitrack recording with DarkWave Studio’s multitrack hard disk recorder which allows any number of recording machines to be placed in the studio and then controlled from the hard disk recorder interface. Recording can be synchronised with the start and end of a song by starting recording of all tracks simultaneously as playing the song by the click of a button in the sequencer.

DarkWave Studio comes with the following machines: ES SpatialVerb: Room modelling reverb unit with advanced circulant feedback delay network to minimize ringing caused by most reverbs. ES DGenR8: Virtual analog drum module made to sound and function just like the classic Roland TR-909. ES AntiAlias: Up to 32 times oversampling digital filter to enhance the quality of the recording. ES BassHead: Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer with 2 bandlimited oscillators, 3 low frequency oscillators, 2 multimode filters, seperate amplifier and filter envelope generators and many controls to adjust the sound. ES Mixer: an 8 track plus 2 auxillary track production mixer. Each track has a 3 band equalizer, 60dB range volume control, panning control, 2 auxillary sends for the normal tracks, mute and solo buttons, and a stereo level meter with 60dB range. DarkWave Studio also includes: ES Kick (Rave Kick Generator) and ES QuadDelay (4 Parralel Delay Units with LFO modulated delay time and a band pass filter).

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