Compose electronic music with DarkWave studio and multi track recorder

DarkWave Studio is a free virtual studio that will let you make electronic music. It allows connections to several tools already included in the program, along with tools that adhere to Steinberg’s VST effect and VSTi instrument format.

DarkWave Studio features a scheduling algorithm letting instruments and effects to run in parallel mode. A pattern editor with a piano roll interface facilitates the making of separate patterns for each instrument. A sequencer can be use to arrange patterns into a song, allowing their reuse for easier composition of songs. The program is able to work live taking advantage of MIDI Input, virtual instruments with a MIDI or USB music keyboard.

DarkWave Studio’s multi-track recorder allows any number of recording machines to be attached and controlled from the Studio’s interface.

DarkWave Studio includes ES SpatialVerb, a reverb unit with advanced circulant feedback delay network, that minimizes the ringing caused by most reverbs.

ES DGenR8 is a virtual drum that resembles Roland TR-909. ES Anti Alias provides up to 32 times oversampling. ES Bass Head is a subtractive synthesizer with 2 band limited oscillators, 3 low frequency oscillators, 2 multi-mode filters, separate amplifier and filter envelope generators and many controls to adjust the sound.

ES Mixer is a production mixer with 8 plus 2 tracks. Each track includes a 3 band equalizer, 60dB range volume control, panning control, 2 auxiliary sends for the normal tracks, mute and solo buttons, and a stereo level meter with 60dB range.

DarkWave Studio also includes: ES Kick (Rave Kick Generator) and ES QuadDelay (4 Parallel Delay Units with LFO modulated delay time and a band pass filter).