Plot with layers, 2D vector objects, even LISP and GIS, with BabaCAD

BabaCAD is easy to use and powerful, it is DWG compatible, is light enough to be used on older hardware, and it features a ribbon driven interface that resembles MS Office. BabaCad supports standard CAD files (*.DWG, *.DXF), layers and blocks, 2D vector objects like point, line, rectangle, polyline with arc segments, circle, arc, hatch with patterns, text, block, dimension, image, Block Explorer palette, smart quick dimensioning with linear, aligned, radius, diameter and angular dimensions, and more.

It will let you edit, plot and save to dxf standard format. Since LISP (.lsp) scripts and functions are available on line, one can speed up and automate drafting work with minimum programming knowledge. If you have some knowledge of LISP programming, you can create powerful lisps for any purpose.

ESRIShape extension (Add-on) for BabaCAD adds the power of professional GIS editing. You can edit shape geometry features such as points, lines, polylines. View and edit attributes using Table View and Highlight, Zoom-To features, filter attribute data using excel-like filter in Table View. BabaCAD features also an Oracle Spatial extension, to enable direct connectivity with Oracle Spatial/Locator database. You can avoid conflicts creating a multi-user environment. You can build your own CAD/GIS cloud.

BabaCAD is a free and convenient program that can be used by students and professionals.

Download free BabaCAD (including free extensions)