Protect yourself from phishing and malware with Avast Online Security for Chrome

Who wouldn’t like an extra layer of protection using the internet? Avast Online Security for Chrome is a free extension you can use to be informed about the “reputation” of a web site you are opening.

To give you this information, Avast must have gathered feedback from users, which of course is impossible for all sites. Be aware then that in many sites this (or any) extension won’t be able to help. In such cases it will only let you know if a site has social media sharing buttons or ads, but such functions are harmless.

Using AOS you can also yourself rate a web site you visit to contribute and make the web safer for all. When you visit a web site, the extension’s icon in the toolbar is green if the site is safe, red of not, or gray if there is not enough input for a judgment. This rate appears also in Search results, at the right side of each result.

Note also that the extension can scan a site for malware and help you avoid phishing. What’s more, a “SiteCorrect” feature is included to detect and correct mistyped URLs.

Download Avast Online Security for Chrome