Synchronize multiple pairs of folders even over a network, with FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync is a free program that will help you to synchronize your folders even over a network. Its operation is obvious: First you choose folders to be compared, then you select options to synchronize them.

The program supports comparison by byte or date, without any limit in the files included in each folder. Sub-folders too can be included. FreeFileSync lets you include multiple pairs of folders, which you can select even with a simple drag and drop. Network operations are supported.

If fully supports Unicode and it saves automatically your last operation. However, you can keep profiles, multiple configurations. A feature you may not find in similar software is that FreeFileSync deletes before it copies, this way avoiding leaving without enough space in your disk to complete the synchronization.

Besides filters, the program lets you exclude files from synchronization even manually.

A serious drawback is that FreeFileSync doesn’t support synchronization with FTP folders.