ESBCalc Scientific Calculator with full precedence for trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithmic functions

Results are entered into the History List when the “=” button is pressed. Only the last 10 items are remembered and these are stored in the registry. There is also the option in the History list to clear previous items. The History List only stores displayed values not the internal values.

Inverse exist for all the Trigonometric functions by using the INV button than one of SIN, COS or TAN buttons. Hyperbolic functions are done by first pressing the HYP button and then one of SIN, COS or TAN buttons. Inverse Hyperbolic Functions are done by pressing INV then HYP (order does not matter so HYP then INV is also okay) then one of SIN, COS or TAN buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts (skipping the obvious):

/ – same as divide button
^ – same as power (x^y) button
@ – same as the inv power button combination
A – same as AC – All Clear – button
C – same as C – Clear – button
I – same as Invert (1/x) button.
P – same as Pi button.
R – same as Square Root button.
_ – same as change sign button
Delete – same as C – Clear – button

Note that with a large number of decimals, some inaccuracies may come up – even when dealing with numbers like Pi and e – since these are computed accurately to about 16/17 digits (not decimal places), and then some minor errors are introduced when converting to string and back again when there are over 15 decimal places.