Send encrypted emails without sending any unlock password, using Gpg4win

Gpg4win may not have the most exciting name but it provides an interesting way to secure your emails.

Most encryption programs ask you to somehow let the recipient know a password needed for your email to be decrypted. You may phone the password, send it in a different message or in whatever other way you may prefer. As you can guess this can be risky.

Gpg4win requires that the recipient knows already the password, because the recipient chooses this password! The recipient has two different passwords, one for encryption and one for decryption. You compose and encrypt your message using the recipient’s encryption password. When you mail the message the recipient uses the decryption password to read it. This way only the recipient knows the password that opens a message, but anyone can know the password to encrypt a message.

The same if you are going to receive an encrypted message. You need to give to the sender your password to encrypt the message; you will decrypt this message when you receive it, using your usual decryption password you have defined and no one else knows.

If you are after security in your email communication with certain friends or colleagues you may like to try this utility. A donation to the developer is only optional.

Download Gpg4win