Send emails from anywhere, with SMTP Mail Sender

SMTP Mail Sender is a free and convenient program that lets you send emails from any computer, even without having a dedicated mail app you can use. The program connects to an SMTP server and sends any number of emails.

SMTP Mail Sender can attach to messages multiple attachments and it also includes an address book so that you don’t have to remember addresses or you prefer to have them filled automatically.

The program is able to connect also to services like Gmail or Yahoo mail and use their SMTP server to send emails, provided you have configured them to allow access from “less secure” applications. Note that SMTP Mail Sender sends only plain text messages, not html.

If you like to have a mailer in your USB stick to send emails from whatever computer you find available anywhere, SMTP Mail Sender is a nice and free portable app you may like to try.

Download SMTP Mail Sender