Send encrypted emails easily, with TheLetterEncrypter

Have you ever found youself wishing to send a Secret Message to somebody? But the problem is that the somebody has pals/folks at home/office/chat rooms and it is not possible to send a secret message without anyone having a peep at it?

TheLetterEncrypter is a free and small utility that will let you send a secret message. It features strong encryption. Entering a password and the message and then pressing the “encrypt” button, is all one needs to do in order to transform a message into jumbled text. This encrypted message can only be unlocked using TheLetterEncrypter and the password that you used when you locked it.

To send the message either copy the text and email it, or paste it in a chat window, export it to a text file, etc. The recipient has to fire up TheLetterEncrypter and enter the exact same password and the jumbled text, then hit the “decrypt” button to see the secret message. As you understand, the recipient needs to have TheLetterEncrypter in order to decrypt your message — but it is just a 15 KB application you can even attach on your message!