Shutdown local or remote PCs even after conditions, with DShutdown

DShutdown is a free tool that lets you shutdown or even wake up local as well as remote PCs, providing also some special options for that.

The program supports just a simple shutdown, even forced after the passing of some seconds, but it also supports conditional shutdown. In the latter mode it can monitor an application and wait for it to finish its job before a shutdown is initiated.

As you can guess the conditional shutdown can particularly useful, for example when you do some encoding or compression, etc.

DShutdown can also monitor internet traffic and shutdown the PC when your connection drops below a level. You can use this mode, for example, to turn off your PC when you finish downloading something.

The program can intercept a normal Windows shutdown request, even one initiaded automatically by the system, and “transform” it with additional options, for example to shutdown all the PCs of a LAN when the server shutsdown.

Note that DShutdown always loggs off and saves settings, it always powers off your PC safely. Especially if you use roaming profiles you will appreciate this feature.