Best free FTP clients and servers

WinSCP is a free FTP and SFTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer. With WinSCP you can synchronize directories by uploading and downloading the changed files. For this you may find useful features like Synchronize Browsing and Compare Directories or transfer option Newer and updated file(s) only. You can use function Synchronize to let WinSCP do the synchronization for you. If you make your changes locally and immediately upload the changed files to remote directory, you can make this much easier by making WinSCP watch for changes you make and automatically reflecting them on the remote directory using the function Keep Remote Directory Up To Date. If you happen to have the same files locally and remotely with the different timestamps, you can update them without transferring the files again.

GuildFTPd is a free FTP server. It will let you add as many users as you want, and change anything the user can do. GuildFTPd also features system event messages, sound events, spy features, upload\download count, speed limiters, hammer banning, ban on noop, resume upload\download, and more. It shows the users currently logged into the server. Also lists the TCP/IP address, computer (Host) name, the name of the user who’s logged in, TCP/IP port in use and what he/she is currently doing on the server. If you right-click a connection listed, you can select to Kick them off the server. Shows the files that were, are, tried to be downloaded. Shows the files that were, are, tried to be uploaded, and more.

CarotDAV is a free and easy client for file storage services such as OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc, as well as WebDAV, FTP, and IMAP. The program supports detail, small/large icons view, drag-and-drop interface, file transfer progress window (with speed listings), and a variety of sorting and grouping options. It allows for multiple instances to connect to multiple services, but doesn’t support transfers between different services. CarotDAV includes dynamic encryption and decryption, automatic file-splitting, and doesn’t store passwords in plain text if a master password is set.

Home FTP server lets you share files directly from your PC. You can set up user accounts, specify directory permissions and monitor access to individual files. It supports implicit/explicit TLS, virtual directories, banned IP addresses and offers a web based administration interface that lets you add users and view current statistics.

FileZilla is very easy to use, it supports profiles, export and import of settings, synchronized browsing, and is very fast. FileZilla is a reliable ftp client, Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP); Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB; Site Manager and transfer queue; Drag & drop support; Configurable Speed limits; Filename filters; Network configuration wizard; Remote file editing, and more.

FTP Rush will let you upload or download files in all directions: from server to local, local to server or server to server. The client supports secure transfer including SSH and TFTP and is easy-to-use. Skilled users and IT specialists can take advantage of the built-in Script Designer and Command Designer. A few lines of code will help you teach the FTP Rush to execute lots of routine work automatically. Another advantage is the support of synchronization. Identification of files that have been modified, added or deleted since the last update will no longer be a problem.