Create shortcuts in removable media, with ShortExe

Windows supports shortcuts to fixed drive letters, which means you cannot use Windows shortcuts within a USB flash drive where the drive letter may change.

ShortExe is a free program that will let you overcome this limitation. By renaming this program, the name will be be interpreted by the program itself as shortcut information.

For example, assuming drive H for the usb drive, where we need a shortcut to \some\where\Qsel.exe:

You put a copy of ShortExe on drive H:
Change the original program name (“ShortExe.exe”) to “Qsel+some+where.exe”
This will launch: “H:\some\where\Qsel.exe”

Since the backslash character is not allowed in a file name, you have to use the plus (+) sign instead. ShortExe also treats single quote marks around the path as double quote marks (in case your path includes spaces). Command arguments are supported as well.