Ungroup Windows taskbar icons of the same apps

It’s a matter of individual needs and taste. Personally I find it annoying, when I have the taskbar icons ungrouped, and I need to move an icon to a different location in the taskbar, that I’m forced to move along with it all the other icons that belong to the same application!

It’s impossible not only to have an Explorer icon between two browser icons, I cannot even change places of icons of the same app and move at the left what was at the right side of an icon of the same app!

Fortunately this problem can be solved by a little freeware originally created for Windows 7 but working also on Windows 10. Download this taskbar tweaker and adjust the following settings to solve your problem:

In the Grouping section, check “dont’ group”, uncheck the option “When not grouping, place new items next to the existing ones”, check “Don’t group pinned items”, uncheck “Drag within / between groups using right mouse button”.

In the Combining section: check “Don’t combine grouped buttons”.