Practice New Testament Greek, with Wordbase Greek Glossaries

Wordbase Greek is a program designed to help anyone interested in ancient Greek. It runs on any operating system, provided the NET Framework is installed. It contains a Greek – English dictionary with New Testament words. It is delivered with several glossaries to be used in the flashcard section. One such file contains the 5393 most common words in the New Testament in order of occurrence. It is also possible to create new glossaries such as those used in a textbook. It is actually possible to copy words from the dictionary directly to a new glossary saving editing time.

Any glossary can be used in a flashcard section. The program can be instructed to save difficult words to new glossaries.

Wordbase contains a Greek – English text editor. It makes it possible to edit texts simply and then copy the text to other documents. Finally there is offered a Greek – English hangman game.

To use Wordbase you need a True Type font supporting Greek and Latin characters. One of these is Gentium one other is Code2000. Wordbase is delivered assuming you have Gentium. You can change the font to Code2000 or any unicode font supporting Greek.