Write down and study your solos with Impro-Visor Jazz Improvisation Advisor

Impro-Visor (“Improvisation Advisor”) aims at supporting jazz composers in writing down music that is similar to what they make by improvising. The program’s purpose is to let musicians develop a sense of the structure of their improvisations.

The program features composition through point-and-click or with a plain text editor, showing dissonants, a ‘roadmap’ editor, chord analysis, suggestion of consonants, chromatic or harmonic transposition, and much more.

Solos can be reproduced with automatic accompaniment (e.g. piano, bass, drums). New accompaniment styles can be created. Music can be exported in MIDI files and as XML documents to be used in other notation programs. You can use Impro-Visor to study alone or with a team, your group, in classroom… The program is absolutely free, and it can prove very useful and enjoying.

Download Impro-Visor