Practice and learn a vocabulary with Voca free trainer

Voca (former Vocatude) is a free vocabulary trainer. You can use Voca to learn any language, or anything you want to memorize. You will need a word list, which you can create yourself or download. It’s easy to upload your own word lists and you are encouraged to share your work with other users.

Many languages use characters that don’t occur in English. They can be Roman characters with accents or diacritics, but a foreign language may also use an entirely different script. In any case it may be difficult to type foreign characters with your keyboard. Voca contains several aids.

A foreign characters toolbar can readily be used. By default it already contains many characters for West-European languages. Just click a character to insert it. If the characters you need are not there, or you prefer to use your keyboard, you will first need to install a suitable keyboard layout.