Practice your reading a musical score with Note Attack game

Note Attack is a well designed and inspired educational game that will let you practice your knowledge of reading a musical score. Hit the Start button, select which note is racing across the screen (using the note letter A – G) before it gets to the left edge. When you’re done playing, select the stop button to see your score. To change the speed of the game and other options, select the ‘Game’-‘Options’ menu item. You can use the computer keyboard or input notes through your MIDI compatible piano keyboard (you may need a USB adapter to plug into your computer).

Piano Note Guide: The black keys can be called either flat or sharp. If flat, they take the name of the note above them. If sharp, they take the name of the note below them. This set of piano keys is an ‘octave’. There are a little over 7 octaves on a full sized piano with 88 keys. The note names repeat every octave.

The white keys are a ‘scale’. From C all the way up to B, they are the ‘scale’ of ‘C Major’. A ‘scale’ is often sung: ‘Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Teeeeee’.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G : Use these keys to guess which note is being displayed.
Left Shift + note letter : flat the note. For instance, left shift+D is D flat. This is only needed if Sharps/Flats are turned on.
Right Shift + note letter : sharp the note. For instance, right shift+D is D sharp. This is only needed if Sharps/Flats are turned on.
Ctrl + note letter : another way to flat the note. Alt + note letter : another way to sharp the note.
S – start the game, P – pause the game

Download Note Attack