How to browse, test, backup and restore your fonts, with Font Frenzy

File Menu

DeFrenzy (Ctrl+D)

If you want to strip your system fonts back to basics, this is the easy way to do it. Selecting DeFrenzy will remove all your fonts apart from the ones that are essential for running Windows. Avoid this option.

Your unused fonts will not be completely deleted. You will be prompted for a folder where you would like to store them. You can easily reinstall them at a later date by using the FrenzyMan tool.

If you have software that requires additional fonts in order to function, such as Microsoft Outlook, you can use the FrenzySnap feature. Simply start with a clean installation of Windows (or a DeFrenzied fonts folder) and then install the software and fonts that you use regularly. You can then take a “snapshot” of this configuration and ReFrenzy your system to this state at any time. See below for more details.

FrenzySnap (Ctrl+S)

You may have some fonts installed that you use regularly and would like to keep. FrenzySnap takes a “snapshot” of all the fonts currently installed on your system and remembers it for later use. You can then use the ReFrenzy option to restore your system to this exact font configuration at any time.

You can change the folder used to save your FrenzySnaps from the Tools -> Options window.

You can have multiple font snapshots saved for greater flexibility. When FrenzySnap or ReFrenzy displays a list of your snapshots, you can manage them by right-clicking on each name. This allows you to view, print, or delete the snapshot.