How to browse, test, backup and restore your fonts, with Font Frenzy

ReFrenzy (Ctrl+R)

If you want to restore your system to a previously saved FrenzySnap font configuration, ReFrenzy is the simple way to do it. Simple hit the button, make sure the folder where you store your fonts (not the Windows Fonts folder!) is correct, and your fonts will be ReFrenzied. Once the operation is complete, you can view a log file of what the program has done.

If you have DeFrenzied your system and find that you are missing some essential fonts, this is also the easiest way to restore all your fonts. You can then use the FrenzyMan tool to selectively uninstall the fonts you don’t need.

FrenzyMan (Ctrl+F)

This is Font Frenzy’s built-in font manager.

When you select FrenzyMan a checkbox will appear next to the name of each font in the main window, like this:

These checkboxes are used to select which fonts you wish to carry out the following operations on.

Using the menu on the right-hand side, you can …

Add New Fonts: A new window will appear showing the list of fonts you can install. The list will initially be empty, until you browse for a folder on your hard drive that contains appropriate font files. You can select multiple fonts by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the font titles. You can also right-click and choose to preview each font, which will open the re-sizeable Font Preview window.

Delete Selected Fonts: Use the checkboxes to select which fonts you wish to delete, then click the Select button. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision. Click OK to proceed and permanently delete your chosen fonts.

Uninstall & Store Fonts: This does not permanently delete your fonts, but uninstalls them from your Windows Fonts folder and places them in your alternate font storage folder (You can choose this folder’s location using the Tools -> Options window). This means that your fonts will NOT be available for use with any programs that depend on Windows fonts, but you will be able to easily restore them using either the FrenzyMan tools or the ReFrenzy option. As usual, when you select the uninstall option you will be prompted to confirm the location of your font storage folder or choose another destination for the fonts to be removed.