How to browse, test, backup and restore your fonts, with Font Frenzy

Font Preview Window

Double-clicking on a font selected in the Main Window will open up a new Font Preview window that will allow you to see all the characters included in the specified font. If you would like this window to be bigger or smaller you can resize it by clicking and dragging the edges of the window. The font will automatically be resized to fit the window, so you can use this method to enlarge or reduce the size of the font for previewing.

Main Features


Removes all fonts except those originally shipped with Windows, or to a previous snapshot. You can specify a folder where all removed fonts will be stored.


Takes a snapshot of your currently installed fonts, allowing you to later ReFrenzy back to that font configuration.


Guides you through installing new fonts quickly and easily, from a previous snapshot.


A font management tool that allows you to easily install, remove, and store your fonts.