How to browse, test, backup and restore your fonts, with Font Frenzy

View Fonts in a Folder: Normally, the Main Window displays the list of fonts in your Windows Fonts folder. To view the fonts in a different folder of your choice, simply select this option and browse to a folder containing some font files.

Print… (Ctrl+P)

This allows you to print the contents of the Main Window to get a hard copy of your fonts.

Tools Menu

Options (Ctrl+O)

This opens a window in which you can change the location of various folders that Font Frenzy uses. When you run Font Frenzy for the first time, these options will be set to the default values. To change them, simply type a new folder path into the relevant text-box, or use the Browse… feature to choose a different folder anywhere on your hard drive.

When you make use of one of Font Frenzy’s tools, you will usually be given the option to change the default folder location before proceeding.