Create portable versions of programs with Cameyo Packager

If you ever wished you could pack an entire application into one single .exe and take it with you anywhere without having to reinstall it every time, you will find Cameyo really useful.

Cameyo is a free program that will let you package easily your own virtual applications and get them at work, on your laptop, at a friend, or just avoid reinstalling them every time you change, upgrade or reformat your computer. If you are an IT admin, with Cameyo you don’t have to test and deploy applications, you can simply let your users launch them on demand whenever they need.

The process consists of installing a software while Cameyo “captures” it. Once this step is done, you will be able to use this software on any machine without having to re-install it again.

Note that packages requiring the .NET framework won’t work if the framework is absent from target systems.

Cameyo has been retired and is no longer available