If Cortana search box is suddenly white instead of gray

What a wise decision, to have a gray box for Cortana! Of course, providing the option of whatever color, even orange if one wanted, would be the best, but gray was fine. Microsoft decided to force the use of white, unless one uses the “dark” mode globally in Windows!

Changing the location of your PC or changing to dark and then back to white, etc. will do nothing. You can download from this page a registry file that will make Cortana gray, but this change will be lost right when you use Cortana for the first time after you restart Windows. This means that for the registry change to be permanent you need to merge this file in the registry each time you start Windows and then restart Windows Explorer for the change to be applied!

You are welcome to download the registry file that will make Cortana gray, but as you see, it is not a real solution to the problem.

Let’s hope in the near future Microsoft decides to give us the freedom of some choice here. Until then, we’d better hide completely the search box and keep just the Circle of Cortana.

Download Cortana Gray Color