Record automatically video clips especially for sports, compress and upload, with SkillCapture

SkillCapture is a free program providing automated capture of video clips, display, compression and upload. SkillCapture is able to take advantage of RFID tags for unattended capture and naming of the clips.

The program is useful particularly in sports, since coaches need to devote minimal time for video recording, in order to concentrate on athletes. Ideal is an automated system for video.

Video capture can be triggered by SkillChip registration, Motion detection, and Pressing a keyboard shortcut.

The program lets you adjust playback speed (0.5 – 2.0 of normal speed), Rate the performance, Mark the video for upload, Draw angles to show body positions, and Freehand drawing.

SkillCapture automatically compresses a video for storage in a local server, a Windows file server, an ftp server or YouTube.