Download SkillCapture, to record video clips, compress and upload them

SkillCapture is a freeware utility capable of automated video clip capture, display, compression and upload. SkillCapture can utilize RFID tags to enable unattended video capture and naming of video clips.

SkillCapture can be especially useful to use video in sports. The goal for all coaches is to minimize the amount of time and effort used in video, in order to focus on the athlete. The ideal solution is to have a fully automatic system which does video capture, display, compression and upload, and this is exactly what SkillCapture is about.

Video capture can be started by either: Motion detection, SkillChip registration, SkillChip registration and Motion detection, Pressing keyboard shortcut.

With the video playback it is possible to: Adjust playback speed (0.5 – 2.0 of normal speed), Rate performace, Mark for upload, Draw angle to show body positions, Freehand drawing.

SkillCapture will automatically compress the video to improve storage to external location. External location is considered a local web server, a Windows file server, an ftp server or YouTube.

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