Track time visually with an image or shape being filled-in or painted, using VisiTimer

VisiTimer is a free and fun countdown timer you can use to track time for anything — from baking a cake, taking a break, or rationing out time for kids to do things. The coolest feature of this timer is that you get a visual representation of how much time is left as it counts down in the form of an image or shape being “filled-in” or “painted” progressively in a radial sweep pattern.

This makes it great for teachers or parents of young children who can’t yet comprehend the concept of numbers, as well as for those who just want a quick visual indication of the time passage.

The program features an extensive library of fun, built-in images to use as well as the ability to use your own image or even just a simple circle to be “painted” as time counts down. You can run several instances of the timer and label each of them separately.

Need to use the same set more than once? Set the timer for any amount of time and save it as a preset for quick and easy re-use in the future.

Download VisiTimer