If MS Word adds blank space above a heading, even at the top of a page

Here is a possible problem you may face. The style of your x heading requires some extra blank space above your headings, but you don’t need this space when the heading happens to appear at the top of a page and there is not text above it. Is there a way you could eliminate automatically this blank space in such cases? Word Advanced settings include options to suppress extra space at the top of a page, but it won’t work when you have defined a style as requiring an amount of blank space before a paragraph.

There are two ways you can handle this problem, a manual and an automatic. The manual would be to change paragraph style when blank space is not needed. This solution is burdensome and is also possible only when all editing is finished and you are absolutely certain that you won’t change text or formatting, otherwise your headings may change position in the document and then need again this blank space you have removed.

The automatic way is to have the headings start always on a new page (insert page breaks before automatically). In this case blank space is not needed anymore.

A real solution can come only from Microsoft in a future Word version, by providing options to suppress any kind of blank space at the top of a page even if a style requires it.

Until this happens (if at all) you have to just bypass the difficulty following alternative ways, correcting the problem manually, or defining a different kind of style for your headings.