Convert between 1277 measurement units, even add custom units, with ConverBer

ConverBer is a free and powerful unit converter, that will help you to make conversions between 1277 units of measurement in 33 categories – from length and force to flow, temperature and currencies.

Features: Gives immediate access to all categories or to a single category; Favorites menu to bookmark your frequently-used conversions; Currency rates updated daily; Inline calculator (*/-+^ and more); Automatic updates; Quickly search the unit list and immediately see results; Step backwards or forwards through the most recently used conversions; Toolbar for faster mouse operation;

Single or multiple preference file(s) for different users; Shows either common units or all  units; Converts as you type, so no convert button is required; Includes equation editor to add your own custom units; Allows you to select/unselect the conversion file(s); Can change the number of significant digits of the output; Option to select decimal-point precision; Option to select scientific notation only; Extensive number formatting; Inverts selected units with the quick swap feature; Status bar to display the current category;

Converts left-to-right or  right-to-left; Runs portable/stand-alone using no dll files or registry settings; Remembers last window position and size (if desired); Offset correction for meter value compensation; Extensive help file; Supports transparency; multi-language support…