Learn Morse code, even Prosigns like SOS, with MorseRabbit

MorseRabbit is a small free utility that will help you learn to tap and understand Morse Code. It has two training modes, each with 5 levels of difficulty.

In Normal Mode you are provided with a morse code sequence (both the visual and audible representation) and are expected to type in the correct word in time. In Reverse Mode you are provided with an alphabetic sequence or a word, and are expected to tap the corresponding morse code.

After you master the 5 training levels, you can continue your morse education with these lessons: Lesson 6 – Words – This lesson uses dictionary words instead of random letters. Lessons 7 and above – In these lessons you practice aspects of morse code that are beyond knowing the alphabet. You can practice Prosigns (like the well known SOS), abbreviations and Q-Codes.

MorseRabbit doesn’t require installation – extract the ZIP archive to a new folder and run the executable.