Track your sleeping patterns to monitor CPAP, and fight apnea and more, with SleepyHead

SleepyHead is a free program you can use to track sleeping patterns and monitor continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), a way to help your airways in you suffer from sleep breathing problems, such as apnea.

To use SleepyHead you must first have a way to record your sleeping patterns (ResMed CPAP, DeVilbiss, Philips, Contec, etc.)

The program is portable (no need to install it), just unpack, import data from the SD card of your recording device. SleepyHead lets you know problematic events of your sleep such as hypopnea, apnea, etc. Successive interpretations depict the progress of a patient’s health.

If you or your patients need to fight problems like apnea and you have a necessary recording device, such as Philips Respironics System One, DeVilbiss Intellipap, Contec CMS50 or ResMed S9, then SleepyHead is a program that will help.

Download SleepyHead