Test knowledge of music identifying audio tracks, with MP3Quiz

MP3Quiz is a small and free program that plays excerpts of music from random MP3 files of your own collection or of a network computer. You then have to identify Artists and Title from a list of possible answers. On the opening screen you choose names for the Players or Teams that you want to participate in the quiz. After pressing NEXT the computer will search for MP3 music files based on the folder selection in Options.

There are degrees of difficulty (how many seconds of a track will be played, etc). Once the computer has located and analyzed enough MP3 files to meet the quiz requirements then the main MP3Quiz screen is displayed and you are ready to play. Each Player / Team is prompted to take turns and try to identify a small excerpt being played from each track .

Points are awarded for successful identification of the Artist and or Title. For extra points you can select increasingly more difficult music effects which disguise the music being played to make it more difficult to identify. Some of the eight effects are; playing the music backwards, slowly or with heavy echo.

If you get 3 correct answers in a row then you play the Bonus round. At the end of the quiz the total points for each Player / Team are displayed.