If MS Word Zoom level changes unexpectedly

You may face this annoying situation. You open a Word document, adjust the zoom level as you need to, read, edit, close the document, then open another one, to find the same zoom level as before, although you need now a different one, thus you adjust your zoom again, you work with that document, you close it and you open the previous or some other document, to adjust again the zoom level accordingly…

It seems that the zoom level of the document last opened and saved, becomes global, so that subsequent documents inherit it.

Word 2013 won’t let you assign a zoom level to a specific document only, so that each and every document may have a distinct zoom level.

To avoid the problems coming out of this, you can go to the VIEW menu and select “Page Width” zoom level. This way you will be able to see all of the page width, no matter how different margin and page sizes your documents use.