Save and share the layout of your desktop windows, with Window Layout Manager

Window Layout Manager, or WiLMA, is a free and small application that allows the making of various desktop layouts – adding new ones, editing existing ones, configuring options. When closed or minimized it seats in the tray offering quick access to layouts (it’s possible to exclude layouts from populating the tray menu since some are not meant to be applied directly).

A layout is a collection of window definitions that contain conditions and actions. Conditions that describe the window and how it should be detected and matched and actions such as minimizing, moving, relocating, moving it to a different screen, offsetting the position, maximizing it to a certain screen, etc. There are three types of layouts:

* Normal Layouts: these contain window definitions where the entire layout can be applied to a current desktop. * Individual Window Layouts: these contain window definitions that can be applied individually through an active window context popup menu. * Live Layouts: these are layouts where the system is monitored and when windows that match any or all definitions it will apply the actions to that window as it becomes available and is noticed.

A shortcut key allows for a popup menu to appear over the active window that offers the matching layout options available through the Window Layout Manager. A way to quickly position windows individually without using an individual window shortcut or entire layout. A layout editor allows for adding, editing, copying, removing, capturing windows, and copying window definitions between layouts, to make life easy.

Because it is easy to lose track of shortcuts, layouts and individual windows, there’s offered by the program a quick overview for all the shortcut keys used by layouts and windows. If you need a well organized workspace for tasks that need several days or months to be accomplished, this is a free program you may like to try.