MS Word Zoom: text wrap problem in text width view

Two of the most useful features in MS Word are the “Page Width” and “Text Width” options (Menu: View > Zoom). Page Width lets you view a page in full width, including left and right margins. Text Width omits the margins.

When you change from Page Width to Text Width you may face this strange problem. Instead of viewing all the text, left to right, without the margins, you see the left margin and part of the text — the right limit of the text is invisible.

Obviously Word fails to center the text in its pane, displaying the left margin instead of the right part of the text. It is easy to amend this. Activate the horizontal ruler, if you have it deactivated, and move it, in order to bring the text body at the center. You will now be able to see all of the text, but not any of the margins.

Pressing the Home or End keys won’t spoil this adjustment. If you close and re-open your document, the text will still be centered and visible entirely.