Capture and edit your screen without a dedicated program

You don’t have to search for a special program to take a screenshot and then edit or email it, etc. Just press the “print screen” button at the upper right corner of your keyboard!

With the “Print Screen” (PrtScn) button of your keyboard you copy whatever appears in the screen, the whole screen — or just the window that has the focus, if you press the “Alt” key together with “PrtScn”. Having the screenshot in your clipboard, you can paste it in whatever editor you like, change it, save it, email it, etc.

If you already use a clipboard manager, like ArsClip, and you don’t need to edit your screenshot, you can save it using this manager instead of even opening your usual image editor.

However, if you need advanced features that make your life easier, in case that you print your screen too often, then try the free ShareX and more print screen utilities, that can really automate your job.