Revert custom text formatting to Normal in Microsoft Word

You may face this problem in your Microsoft Word document. In some sentences, or paragraphs or even pages and chapters you applied custom formatting, but now you need to change the style of the entire document, without influencing headers.

Modifying the Normal template won’t help, because customized text keeps its settings and won’t obey to changes in the Normal style. To solve this problem easily, first of all make sure you see all MS Word commands at the toolbar; you may need to maximize Word in order to see everything.

Then select a few words of a sentence containing this custom formatting that won’t obey to the Normal style. At the “Home” tab of the Word toolbar press “Select” (“Editing” section, usually at the far right of the toolbar), and choose the Select Text with Similar Formatting option.

Locate the Normal style (at the “Styles” section of the same tab), and click on it to bring all of this custom text formatting back to the Normal style. Enjoy!