Make Flat View the default mode in Google Analytics

If you monitor a lot of domains in Google Analytics you may prefer the Flat view to be the default one instead of the Hierachical view, to enjoy a less crowded environment each time you visit these pages. Unfortunately Google doesn’t seem for the moment to have provided for an account setting that would let you select Flat view as default.

Here is what you can do. Edit the bookmark / link that you use to open Google Analytics. Instead of your default address (/analytics/web/?#home/SeveralNumbersAndLetters/) edit your link to point to the Flat-View version by adding this parameter: %3FhomeAccountsTable.viewType%3DFLAT/

The simple way to do that is to activate Flat View while you are at Google Analytics, then copy the address from your browser and use it to define your bookmark or link.

The whole thing would be like /analytics/web/?#home/SeveralNumbersAndLetters/%3FhomeAccountsTable.viewType%3DFLAT/