Split MS Excel datasets to separate workbooks or tabs, with Excel Explosion add-in

Excel Explosion is a free utility that will help you split your Excel dataset into separate Excel workbooks or separate tabs, based on criteria you define. Thus you can create a separate workbook for each Employee in your dataset or for each City, State… etc.

To install DataPig Excel Explosion select “Tools” from the main Excel menu, then select Add-Ins. In the Add-Ins dialog box, click the Browse button and locate the folder where you extracted the download file. Then select the  datapigee.xla file in that folder.

A new menu item will appear in Excel’s Main menu, called ‘DATAPIG’. Click on ‘DATAPIG’ to get started. 

To Uninstall the add-in, choose Add-Ins from the Tools menu, and remove the checkmark from the “Datapigee” item.

Download Excel Explosion