Add 67 new worksheet functions to Excel, with Morefunc

Morefunc is a freeware library of 67 new worksheet functions for Excel. The functions are compatible with Excel 95 to 2007, and they can’t be used with other spreadsheets. This add-in is written in C++ and compiled in an XLL file (like the Analysis Toolpack). Available in French and English. Automated setup and detailed help file are provided.

Information functions: EVAL Evaluates a formula or expression ;FORMULATEXT Returns the formula of a cell ;PAGENUM Page number of a cell

Math functions: CHBASE Converts a value from a base into another base ;GEOMEAN.EXT Same as GEOMEAN, higher capacity ;HEX.AND Bitwise AND between hexadecimal numbers ;HEX.FORMAT Formats and checks the validity of an hexadecimal number ;MRAND Series of random integers without repetitions

Statistical functions: COUNTDIFF Number of unique values in a range or array ;STDEV.GROUPED Standard deviation based on a sample (data grouped in classes) ;VARP.GROUPED Variance based on the entire population (grouped data) ;

Text functions: ANSI128 Strips the accents from a string ;MCONCAT Concatenates all values in a range or an array ;REGEX.COMP Returns TRUE if a text matches a regular expression ;REGEX.COUNT Counts the matches of a regular expression in a string ;REGEX.MID Returns a substring matching a regular expression — and more…