Make the new, blank, tabs of Firefox load your Home or any page

As you may have noticed, whenever you open a blank new tab in Firefox, this tab shows thumbnails of pages you visited recently. This may be convenient, may cause privacy problems, and it also may be less convenient than loading some standard page, such as whatever page you have defined as the Home Page of your browser. You can change this easily, without the need to install any extension, by writing about:config in the address bar of Firefox and then filtering to the setting browser.newtab.url

Double click on browser.newtab.url and in the dialogue that pops up write whatever address you like. If you want to load an internet page, use the normal way, starting with http, e.g.,

If you want the new blank tabs to load a local page, write something like


Or you may just like to paste here the address that you already use as the browser’s Home, the one that opens by default whenever you start Firefox.