Take and sync powerful notes, even with tabs and encrypted, using iQ-Notes

iQ-Notes is a free program that will let you track notes on your computer and synchronize them with an FTP server. The program is quite original and you should definitely try it if you need to use post-it notes.

iQ-Notes creates notes with tabs, is able to create notes that track time or open only when you visit a web page or when you use a particular application, it can encrypt a note or share it with other users over a network…

Unlimited notes can be created. * Up to 12 different tabs at each note. * Archive, Print, Encrypt and Sort Notes. * Notes are not stored in a text or ini file. Protect certain notes with a password. * Synchronize notes with a server when using multiple computers. * Expense and Time Tracking functionality on each note with Start / Stop Timer and time sheet tracking. * Set an alarm on the note;

Attach notes to webpages, spreadsheets, applications, anything and have them automatically open. * Clipboard Manager remembers everything you placed on your Windows clipboard and easily create a note from that. * Network send option that can securely send notes to other iQ-Notes users on the network or through the internet. * Automatic saving of notes.