Perhaps serious typing needs a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are expensive. To have a measure, think that you can get a good membrane keyboard, such as the Logitech K120 with $10, you can get a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic with $40, Microsoft Sidewinder gaming keyboard with $50, Logitech wireless illuminated with $80…, while simple mechanical keyboards start from $80 or $90 and ergonomic or highly specialized models go up to $700 or $900.

Ducky Zero is a new addition to the Ducky family of mechanical keyboards. Its name comes from Return to basics, Start from zero, however the keyboard is not that basic, since it includes Dual layered PCB board and Dual layered keycaps. The Caps Lock, Number Lock, Scroll Lock and F10/F12 feature green LED backlight. Full N-Key Rollover via USB and Lock of the Windows key is also available. Basic Multimedia keys are supported (mute, volume up and down).

The Zero range is available in four of the Cherry MX switches: Red, Black, Blue and Brown.

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