Perhaps serious typing needs a mechanical keyboard

Cherry MX brown switches, the ones I chose with Ducky, are silent compared with the blues, they are light and smooth, featuring a mild sound. After using it for a while, I can’t imagine myself typing again on a membrane keyboard.

Two disadvantages, comparing with a bamboo keyboard, is of course lack of wood, and also the presence of a wire, since my bamboo is wireless. None of these ‘problems’ would make me even think to abandon the virtues of a mechanical keyboard. Besides, Ducky designers were wise enough to have the cable exit from the middle of the keyboard, not from its left or right side, this way occupying the less useful space of all and the shortest distance to the base of the monitor, where most monitors offer some cable management feature, like the one on my Dell 2713H.

If you type with just 2 or 3 fingers from each hand, pressing one or two keys per second, you may not appreciate a mechanical keyboard. If you write fast, membrane keyboards will become your enemy, you won’t ever use them again.