Perhaps serious typing needs a mechanical keyboard

My first impression, right after sensing the heavy and solid construction of the body, the overall feeling coming from typing, is that of ease, gentleness, smoothness, subtlety, cleanness, obedience, firmness, solidity, precision, and reliability.

It combines the best of two worlds, the modern PC keyboard and the old inspirational, non-electric, typewriter machine. But take care, if you are a nervous person, you can not be tough with the keys of a mechanical keyboard, they are so soft, that you will damage your fingers instantly.

Therefore, let the keyboard teach you manners, it is gentle, and you have to be gentle with it, otherwise get a membrane keyboard to play box with!

You can try also these Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners, that will reduce the clack sound of the keys against the body of the keyboard when bottoming out and will absorb the shock, helping with finger fatigue.

However, the rings add also a feeling of stiffness, and, even the clack sound is better without them. If you cannot be gentle you have to try the rings. In Cherry blues the extra click sound somehow contributes to avoiding unneeded pressure on the keys, making the rings less desirable.