Perhaps serious typing needs a mechanical keyboard

In the video above you can watch a comparison between four Cherry MX Switches, blue, brown, red and black.

I chose the Ducky Zero DK2108 with Cherry MX Browns believing that they fit my typing style, being light tactile and soft sounding. However, the extra click sound of the blue keys may be very useful if you really try to avoid as much as possible bottoming out or are not willing to use Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners. Now I use also a keyboard with blue keys, enjoying the extra sound and making use of it to type faster.

Ducky keyboards in general are considered among the best — heavy, sturdy, carefully constructed. The 2108 model costs about $100, which is really a nice price even for an entry-level mechanical keyboard, although substantially more expensive than the majority of expensive membrane keyboards.

Regardless of what I chose, if you play games or if you type a lot and you’d like to enjoy typing and protect your fingers from stress and pain, make your research and get some mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches — among the best brands are DasKeyboard, Filco, Ducky, Corsair, SteelSeries, CM Storm, now even Logitech. As for myself, I regret the time I spent with membrane keyboards…