Let Acrobat print Word docs in a custom paper size

How annoying, when you try to print a Word document as PDF from Acrobat, to find out that Acrobat ignores the paper size you have defined in Word!

This is impossible, you think! In the “Printing Preferences”, the dialogue that opens when you select the “Print” option in Word, Acrobat lets you define the “Adobe PDF Page Size”, and you have there the custom size as used also in Word! Why then your printing job ends to a different size?

This of course is a problem with Acrobat; I hope in future versions it is corrected.

Note this: it doesn’t matter how you configured the “Adobe PDF Page Size” in the “Printing Preferences” dialogue, if this configuration is different from what is included in the “Default Settings”!

Therefore, to print your document as you want to, go to the top option, the “Default Settings” and “Edit” the setting to define there your custom size, the one that your Word document also uses. Acrobat obeys this setting, no matter what you select in the bottom option (the “Adobe PDF Page Size”).