Erase PC activities history and protect your privacy, with Window Sweeper

Window Sweeper is a free program that protects your privacy, helping you to erase the history of your activities on a PC.

With a single click, Free Window Sweeper deletes all of your traces in a PC including browser history, any cookies that may have been collected, index.dat files, all URLs your may have typed, etc.

Window Sweeper covers also a lot of non-Microsoft programs.

More details: it erases internet history and it erases browser cache; it erases visited and typed URLs; It erases INDEX.DAT files; it erases AutoComplete info; it erases the lists of recent documents, history and searches from the Start menu; It clears the Recycle Bin and the Windows clipboard; it erases temp files and Media Player history; it erases Microsoft Office history; it lets you choose if you need to keep any cookies.

Note also that Window Sweeper provides secure deletion and even a Boss Key.