Increase your Windows 10 privacy downloading ShutUp10

ShutUp10 is a free and portable utility that presents Windows functions you can disable to increase your privacy. Windows 10 is great, and it tries to make your life easier. This includes options such as sending some data to Microsoft. Perhaps you prefer to make your life more difficult instead of sending those data, even if they don’t include personal information.

ShutUp10 features a clean and convenient interface showing you all relevant options along with switches to activate or disable any option you don’t need. When an option is in red color, this means it is activated and your privacy may be at risk. Use the switch at the right to disable this option; then it becomes green, meaning your privacy is increased. Clicking on the title of each option you get information on what this option does and why you should or should not deactivate it.

If in the future you change your mind and realize that you need some of the options you disabled, just run again ShutUp10 and re-activate those options. I thought I had disabled sensitive options until I used this program to find out that so many privacy risks were still possible! ShutUp10 lets you also export your preferences so that in case it is needed you can apply them again easily.

Note that ShutUp10 is free for personal use, businesses, commercial use, for anyone without exceptions. If you care for privacy, ShutUp10 is a program you may like to try.

Download ShutUp10