Disable native Winamp notifications on track change

The necessary adjustments: Options > Winamp Modern > Notifications > never show. This seems more than enough, well, it may not be, and Winamp still displays, although not always, this grey little box every time you change track!

You can disable for sure the Winamp native notifications and use your favorite Toaster, following these simple directions.

Go to the Winamp modern skin folder, usually at \Program Files\Winamp\Skins\Winamp Modern\, create a Bak folder and move there the whole notifier folder, and these files: strong>notifications_fade_times.maki, notifier.maki from the scripts folder, and notifier.xml, notifier-elements.xml, and notifier-normal.xml from the xml folder.

If you upgrade or re-install Winamp you have to repeat this.