Synchronize Gmail and Outlook contacts, merge address books and more, with GO Contact Sync Mod

If you have your contacts divided between Outlook and Gmail chances are you’d like to somehow unify them and take advantage of all your contacts in both Gmail and Outlook simultaneously. GCSM is a free, powerful and easy to use program that lets you synchronize your Gmail and Outlook address books.

There is nothing exciting in the interface of GO Contact Sync Mod, but it gets your job done in a few minutes, being also perfectly clear on what you need to do to perform a synchronization.

GCSM understands your Outlook configuration automatically but you need to give it login information for your Gmail account to perform the synchronization. This can be bidirectional (merging of all your contacts) or follow a single direction from or to Outlook, or from or to Gmail. The program saves a log file you can check to see the results of your synchronization.

GCSM is a light program you can easily get and see if it meets your needs. To try it you can first export your contacts from Gmail, then perform a single-direction synchronization from Outlook to Gmail. If you don’t like the result, just delete the Gmail contacts and import the backup you saved. But everything should be fine, if you want to synchronize your contacts, that is. Enjoy!

Download GCSM